Why Choose PBG

The key elements that differentiate PBG Builders as the best choice for your project needs are:

Award Winning Construction Management Services 

PBG Builders' history reveals that they unite with only the most dedicated construction professionals and craftsmen to provide their clients with exemplary workmanship, while completing projects consistently on time and within budget.  One of the fundamental core values of PBG Builders’ service is exemplary customer care.  They engage their client's participation in every phase and aspect of a project.  From the first informational meeting to the grand opening, PBG Builders partners with their clients to accomplish a common goal.  In fact, their attentive customer service is reflected in their strong repeat client-base.  Likewise, due to their extensive knowledge and experience with a wide variety of industry projects, PBG Builders are familiar with the most cost-effective approaches and problem-solving strategies.  Their highly skilled performance enables them to anticipate issues that may arise, and have contingency plans in place to keep a project on course within the expected time frame and approved budget. 

Awarding Project Safety 

Equally important to the success of a project is project safety.  PBG Builders' commitment to project safety is more than just complying with a series of requirements.  They recognize that a strict safety program is essential in having zero accidents on a job site.  This dedication to overall safety performance on a project for all workers and occupants is the type of commitment that earned them national recognition from the Associated General Contractors of America (2015—National Safety Award).

Strong Financial Stability 

For any project undertaken in the current economic climate, strong financial stability is essential. PBG Builders possess a strong fiscal history of financial stability, capable of expediting your project through to completion without delays promoted by financial deficits.  They are financially strong general contractors with adequate working capital and equity to support an unlimited license through the State of Tennessee.  Their financial strength often surpasses that of their peers within the same market size. 

Their commitment to quality workmanship and attentive customer service earned them the highest honor and recognition by the Associated General Contractors of Tennessee in 2011 and 2013 with the Contractor of the Year Award.  This award positions them as an industry leader and standard bearer of general contractors.


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