If you believe that your qualifications and work ethic compliment PBG Builders' vision and mission statement, they would like to hear from you.

Please send a cover letter expressing why you wish to be a member of the PBG Builders' team.  Attach a copy of your resume, containing accurate contact information, including cellphone.  Provide a list of all projects completed in the last five years, including scope, size and cost, also identifying your level of responsibility and contribution to each project.  In addition, please provide three (3) professional references, which will be contacted after a personal interview is conducted.

Submit your resume package via e-mail or postal mail to:

Employment Opportunity
c/o Human Resources
PBG Builders, Inc.
1000 NorthChase Dr.
Suite 307
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

PBG Builders, Inc. are an equal opportunity employer where employees are treated fairly while encouraged to advance and achieve their full potential.  PBG Builders have adopted an affirmative action program, and cooperates with federal, state, and local government agencies to determine their compliance with various laws relating to employment.  The company traditionally has an Equal Employment Opportunity Officer to coordinate all aspects of the Equal Employment Opportunity process and to promote non-discrimination and compliance with all applicable orders and guidelines.  PBG Builders conduct systematic and direct recruitment through public and private employee referral sources likely to produce qualified minority group and women applicants, including schools, colleges, and minority group organizations.  They also encourage their employees to refer minority group applicants for employment. 

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