Northchase Suite 203 Renovation

Northchase Suite 203 Renovation

This job consisted of demo and remodel of approximately 800 SqFt of office space, plus complete renovations to the finishes throughout. It also included rework of ceiling grid, modifications to sprinkler system, re-staining of all wood finishes, re-laminated cabinetry, new flooring, and paint. PBG worked with the owner to develop a schedule for completion in order to accommodate the tenants lease agreement. There were zero changes to budget cost, except for one item added to the scope of the work by the owner.

“I wanted to pass along that everyone who spent time on the build-out on the second floor at NorthChase did a great job.  It was a small build-out, but never treated that way.  All aspects were communicated well, followed through with, completed with care, and delivered on time.”

-Mitsi H. Lindsay, Property Manager

IBP Office Renovation

IBP Office Renovation

This project involved the demolition and renovation of an existing space, which had been empty for 5 years. When we started, we found 48,000 square feet of space with concrete and plaster that had been damaged by weather, leaks, moisture and mildew. The cleaning, remodeling and buildout was completed within a tight three-month timeframe.

We transformed the run down location into new-looking, professional office space to suit the client's need. One of the more interesting aspects of the project was the fact it was contracted on a design/build basis. That gave us the responsibilities for both engineering and construction under one umbrella contract. This allowed us to eliminate costly claims due to design errors which are so common in the traditional design/bid/build approach.

CPS Labs Renovation

CPS Labs Renovation

The CPS Lab project consisted of renovating an existing retail/warehouse space into the new office & laboratory facility for Comprehensive Pain Specialists. The existing building was a 13,000 square feet 2 story building. The top floor consisted of showroom and office space while the ground floor was primarily warehouse and dock space. The lower level was renovated to serve as the primary lab space. Converting an existing warehouse space to a state of the art lab required a substantial amount of Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical upgrades to serve it’s new purpose. The lab space consisted of receiving/sorting area, sample prep, walk in coolers and several specimen testing stations with state of the art laboratory equipment.

Providing the required MEP services to all this equipment required intense coordination due to the Open Lab/Workflow layout the owner wanted. Additionally, as a result of the highly sophisticated equipment,  an emergency generator was installed to prevent a power loss during testing. Such a loss  could result in ruined specimens , costly and time consuming start up, as well as, re-calibration of the equipment. The upper floor was renovated to include a new modern Conference Room, State-of-the-Art Training Area, executive and support staff offices, work areas, a generous employee break area and a modern, inviting open entry area that serves as a lobby, common/lounge area for both the conference and  training spaces.


Lenox Plaza Renovation

Lenox Plaza

This building was completely renovated from top to bottom, inside and out, in less than one year. With the tenants occupying the building during construction, careful scheduling resulted in minimal inconvenience. The work included:

  • Existing exterior skin was removed and replaced on floors two through ten within the first 90 days
  • Over the next nine months, the lobbies and elevators were extended to serve the below grade parking areas
  • Ten floors of lobbies and restrooms were upgraded
  • 100,000 SqFt of tenant space was demolished (and most of it was rebuilt)
  • A new brick paver entrance with new landscaping was installed

The customer’s expectations of quality and efficiency were exceeded in this renovation project.


“We prefer the negotiated contract process Powell uses, as opposed to the hard bid method, because it allows us to fast track the project, incorporate value engineering and better define the scope of work as the project progresses.  Powell is very fair in presenting the best options and provides creative problem solving options for projects that have a lot of unknowns.”                                                              

John Roe
Partner, Sherrard & Roe, PLC

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