Cost Control

Surprises are appropriate for holidays and festive occasions—not building projects.

For this reason, PBG Builders have developed a standard cost control system for use by all levels of management, which is then integrated into the record maintenance requirements of the owner. The cost control system is keyed to the project budget developed during the early project stages, and  then serves as the basic cost control document.

This cost information system is computer-based, and provides the owner and management team with timely and accurate cost information. All job related costs, i.e., labor, material, subcontractors, suppliers, and equipment are collected, and form the basis of the monthly cost reports.  Through this dedication to track project cost accuracy, PBG Builders offer owners an exceptional tool in monitoring and controlling the cost of the project.

Most clients are unaware of current sales tax laws which exempt many construction items and expenses from sales tax.  PBG Builders have extensive expertise in the sales tax arena.  Through their years of experience and understanding of the process, they have developed sales tax strategies that provide their clients with significant savings, while eliminating unnecessary audits.  They have a system that works.  They aggressively pursue your business’ best interests, while adhering to strict professional and ethical guidelines.  

This effort allows PBG Builders to exceed expectations by consistently and thoroughly providing value-added services to their clients.  On average, PBG Builders can save a client between 2% to 3% in sales tax savings on a project.  For one client in particular, PBG Builders were able to save $200K in sales tax based on 600 invoices issued.

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