The fast-track approach to a project compresses the project schedule by running the design and construction phases simultaneously. For example, in a typical fast-track project, foundation and steel packages are purchased before the building layout is fixed. Design may run as little as a week ahead of construction, while the myriad design decisions are made in the field.

This process is especially advantageous to an owner that has a grand opening firmly established, and needs the project to remain on schedule.   This process allows for an overview of all the elements that impact the schedule of activities.  Critical elements of the design and construction process are defined and agreed upon early in the design process.  Timelines are established, priorities identified, and responsibilities clarified.

PBG Builders take the lead in establishing an efficient partnership that is clearly focused on the mission. Some of the methods that PBG Builders utilize in the fast-track process are as follows:

  • Utilize Design/Build format, if applicable

  • Supervise coordination of the contractor and architect

  • In-house administration and accounting services

  • Assist the owner and the architect in expediting the submittal of plans and the response to concerns from the local municiplaity

  • Handling of re-zoning and compliance issues

  • Management of engineers and civil municipalities

  • Consultations on various options to achieve the goals quickly

  • Early determination of long-lead tasks and materials

  • Perform several tasks concurrently

  • Convenient off-site storage and delivery of materials and fixtures, if required


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