Antioch High School

“Antioch High School was the largest Metro School Board project authorized in the last decade. Powell Building Group set up a very tight schedule, held meetings with us on a regular basis, kept us informed and did an excellent job managing the subcontractors. We are extremely pleased with the quality of their work and the fact that we were able to move in before the school year started.”

– Mr. Arnold Von Hagen, Director of School Planning and Construction, Metro Public Schools

“Powell Building Group has done the best job of any general contractor in the 22 years that I have worked for Metro Public Schools. They have earned our trust by their outstanding performance.”

– John Workman, Design Services Mgr., Metro Public Schools

“We were very pleased with the professional work Powell Building Group did on Antioch High School. They were very thorough and one of the most responsive contractors that we’ve worked with. They provided us with a great finished product.”

– Joe Edgins, Director of Construction, Metro Board of Education

Bass Memorial Academy

“Bass Memorial Academy was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Powell Building Group brought their team of experts to the campus 10 days after the storm to appraise and advise. Within weeks, rebuilding began with improved code designs incorporating the school’s vision concepts of future needs. The new and remodeled structures were professionally constructed using the best available materials. Even minute details were carefully considered. The management and construction team professionally kept insurance companies, school administration and subcontractors informed. Truly, Powell Building Group brought the school from havoc to a beautiful, new campus.”

– Craig Ziesmer, Principal, Bass Memorial Academy

Boy Scouts of America

“Thanks for the great job you have done as our Owner’s Agent during the expansion/renovation of the Jet Potter Service Center. Your work in this role produced great results including:

  • A very clear and concise contract which protected us from a significant delay, assured a guaranteed maximum price and allowed all savings achieved by efficiencies on our part to benefit us.
  • You did an outstanding job in making sure we got a quality building, on time and within our budget. Thanks to your efforts, all the key volunteers involved in this project are very proud of the end result.
  • Your expertise was invaluable in developing a design and installation for the HVAC System, site preparation, appropriate completion of all finishes and many other areas where our knowledge and experience would have been inadequate otherwise.”

– Joe Long, Souct Executive, Middle Tennessee Council, Boy Scouts of America

City of Clarksville

“When we hired Powell Building Group to build our parking garage, what impressed me most was that they finished on time, under budget and had quality work with very few change orders. Not many government projects are able to do that.”

– Gene Washer, Chairman of Parking Authority, City of Clarksville

City of White House

“I would like to say that working on this project with PBG Builders was a great experience.”

– Adam McCormick, Planning and Codes Director, City of White House

Crumley House

“The Crumley House project was executed by Powell Building Group with a dedication and attention to the Owner’s needs that is rarely seen in the building industry today. Additionally, and even more rare, is the quality of work delivered by Powell Building Group. It is this architect’s observation that recent PBG commercial building projects such as Crumley House and the ETSU Library, are evidence of a philosophy on the part of your organization from the top down, to deliver the highest quality buildings in this area. It takes a real commitment to such a philosophy to make projects stand out to design professionals as exemplary quality.”

– Don Solt, AIA, Freeman Solt PLLC

East Tennessee State University

“Powell Building Group has been exemplary in their performance in building the ETSU library. I would say that they are as good a contractor as I’ve worked with.”

– Jim Seehorn, Director of Engineering, East Tennessee State University

“Our firm has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Powell Building Group on numerous projects. We find them to be very cooperative, exemplary and professional. The quality of their work is excellent and satisfies both the designers and the client. They generate a team spirit that results in a quality project in which everyone is proud. We look forward to working with them on additional projects in the future.”

– Ken Ross, President, Ken Ross Architects, Inc.

City of Goodlettsville

“Powell built the new Fire Hall for us in 1999, and it has been absolutely problem free since the day they turned it over to us. We’ve had zero warranty call-backs, and zero maintenance problems. Without a doubt, it’s the best building built by the City in the last 20 years.”

– David Wilson, City Manager, City of Goodlettsville

City of Johnson City

“Powell Building Group kept us fully informed on the status of our project. Powell’s team generated easily understood monthly status reports for board members, as well as providing access to all daily management documents. We believe their scheduling process was key to aiding in the early and successful completion of our project.”

– Don Arnold, Chairman, Johnson City Public Building Authority

“The City of Johnson City built the Continuing Education Center at Adelphia Center using the fast-track method of construction, and Powell Building Group was our builder. Powell was a true partner in working with the City to expedite the construction and keep the project within budget. The experience and professionalism of their project management staff has been invaluable throughout this process.”

– Ellen Buchanan, Special Projects Manager, City of Johnson City

“I had the good fortune to work with the Powell Building Group on the Centre at Millennium Park. This was a fast-track, state-of the-art conference center with the latest technology equipment for attendees. PBG handled the job in a very professional manner, keeping us well informed and completed the facility in a timely manner. The Centre at Millennium Park is a high quality facility of which our city and region can be justly proud.”

– Bill Hawkins, Board Member, Johnson City Public Building Authority

“Powell Building Group did an outstanding job managing our fast track conference center project. They were very conscientious of the building costs, and as effective as possible in finishing the building in a timely fashion. We not only got an excellent product, but saved money and time with their approach.”

– John C. Campbell, City Manager, City of Johnson City

Martin Methodist College

“Through construction projects I have been involved with on five campuses over nearly 30 years, it has become apparent to me that you can have quality construction, on time or under budget-pick one-but you only get one. In a few rare cases you might get two of the three. With Powell Building Group on our Student Apartment Project we got all three. We (especially our students) are delighted with the quality of the product. And Powell was able to beat a very rigorous construction schedule and save us money in the process. What a great experience!”

– Dr. Ted Brown, President, Martin Methodist College

“Beginning with our initial meeting with PBG, it became apparent that professional, responsive and creative were not words born of a copy writer’s pen, but are truly their approach to business. This is our second major project with them and they have spoiled us. We’ve come to expect their construction to be of top quality, on time and under budget. We look forward to presenting our newly renovated natatorium to our students, employees and area citizens.”

– David Stephens, VP of Finance & Administration, Martin Methodist College

Meharry Medical College

“Over the years we have used many contractors, but have had few that understood the seriousness of the dangers that lay behind our closed doors. The Powell employees assigned to our facility were not only professional in appearance, but in work ethic as well. During renovations we were able to continue limited research, which is our main focus.”

– Dr. Michael Greenwood, Department of Pharmacology, Meharry Medical College

“Powell Building Group’s construction management services have provided the support and expertise necessary to successfully complete important capital improvement projects at Meharry Medical College. They have assisted us on many projects, from those very small to our current Neuroscience Research labs and the Center for Women’s Health Lab, valued at $10 million. Powell does a superlative job of managing all aspects of these projects from conception to completion, including our architects and engineers. They understand our campus and our mission, and function well to help keep our entire team n track, including our academic and research staff. In a nutshell, they are a valued partner to the College.”

– Dr. John Maupin, President, Meharry Medical College

“Powell Building Group, Inc. recently managed the largest capital project Meharry has undertaken in many years. They met our targets and were able to bring the project in under budget and on time. By providing total program management, they not only managed the architects and engineers, but also provided daily interface with our internal stakeholders to insure everyone was on the same page at every step of the project, from concept to occupancy. This particular capital project morphed from an initial $3,000,000 neuroscience research lab into an $11,000,000 center for women’s health research lab and one of the world’s leading HIV research labs. Powell maintained total control over budget and schedule, even with this ever-changing program and scope. It has been a pleasure to work with Powell Building Group on numerous restoration/construction projects over the years, both large and small. I am glad to be able to provide my highest recommendation for Powell Building Group, and I have confidence they will provide all their customers with the same dedication and professionalism they have given Meharry Medical College.”

– Leilani S. Boulware, ESQ., Vice President for Administration, General Counsel, Meharry Medical College

Metro Nashville Airport

“Powell Building Group worked on a very difficult project at the Metro Nashville Airport. They were more than willing to work odd hours of night, and gave us a professional, excellent job.”

– Mark Buck, Project Director, Metro Nashville Airport Authority

TSU Administration Building

“We have been very pleased with Powell Building Group. They’ve been a very good company to work with and I truly hope they do more jobs for us in the future. From my long experience involved in campus planning, they have been the easiest contractor to work with.”

– Clay Harkleroad, Vice President of Business & Finance, Tennessee State University

Wilson Elementary

“In all the schools we have built over the years, I have not worked with such a professional and effective staff as you have put in place for Wilson Elementary. Excellent communication, responsiveness, good workmanship, and high quality control has been the order of the day from the start to the finish.”

– Timothy A. McLaughlin, Assistant Superintendent for Construction, Rutherford County Schools


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